Image from ‘AM I NORMAL’, a project by Charlotte Alford and Lucy Donagh from Edinburgh Napier University

Shout Out to Help Out, vol.1

ShoutOuttoHelpOut is a hashtag to help graduates and anyone whose been made redundant get their work seen by as many people as possible. This is volume 1.

Having finished their degree, remotely, probably back at their parents house, in a room that was once theres, no parties, no graduation balls, no degree shows. They’ve graduated in to whatever fucking mess this is. Can you imagine? No, me either, so I am trying to help, #ShoutOuttoHelpOut is here to feature graduates of 2020.

These are the graduates who contacted me (so far) through #ShoutOuttoHelpOut. I am posting their work on Linkedin (here, here and here), Twitter and Facebook. Helping get their work seen by as many people in the industry as possible. (more information at the bottom of this article)

Graduates — send me your link, I’ll do the rest. You can email me or add me to Linkedin and send there.

In Chronological order (most recent > first)…

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Sofia Nissilä a Helsinki born graduate from Willem de Kooning Academy (Rotterdam). Her business card reads graphic designer and I’m passionate about creating unique visual languages for conscious businesses and cultural organisations. Her first encounter with graphic design was the album cover art and logo of British heavy metal band Iron Maiden. Anyone who designs album covers for punk bands is A-OK in my book. Love the EP cover for Dutch dance-punk band Reino

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Tommy Curran Jones graduate of Durham University in Philosophy and Politics, and more recently a graduate of ur favourite school, School Communication Arts 2.0. Tommy was born, went to school, then University, is a professional fencer (sabre kind not the used for protection or to create a boundary type). Advertising Student, and the rest is TBC. Tommy will happily be paid to write words, have ideas or I saw a guy cutting a tree down recently and that looked fun so that too. Congratulations on having a website with real personality Tommy, loved it:

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Lili Cox a graduate from Manchester School of Art. A conceptual thinker who takes an experimental and psychological approach to creative problem solving, using a blend of digital and physical mediums. Enjoy her work here:

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Kates and Lyds, a passionate baker and a skilled barista creative duo (Katie Mills and Lydia Perez). They’ve no plans to open their own café, instead they decided to bake and brew ads. They’ve plenty of experience working at Arc Publicis London, Portas London, Weber Shandwick London, Revolt London and The & Partnership London. I have a young daughter who loves Barbie and will no doubt sooner than we imagine need us to talk with her about periods. Loved their ‘Barbie Ruby, the first Barbie that bleeds.’:

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut CHARLOTTE MATHESON-BARR graduated from Nottingham Trent University. An illustrator and graphic designer. ‘Inspired by the world around her and the infinite possibilities that creativity unleashes.’ I have to say I was sold immediately with her Monsters:

(I might have to commission Charlotte to do an illustration of our dog Bob!)

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut OT PASCOE. Designer based in Edinburgh working across graphic design, illustration, screen printing and photography. Ot specialises in editorial design, typography and print, with unicorn skills in digital design and artworking. @Graham Wood I think you’ll love Ot’s work.

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Alice Stone graduated from Nottingham Trent University. Alice loves ‘advertising and branding. I don’t call myself an illustrator, but I illustrate in almost everything I do!I love group projects and anything that involves problem solving.’ Love her ‘Train Like an Olympian’ project for Durex:

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Brad Perry graduated from Nottingham Trent University in Film and Media. When not working as a standby art director (looking for something more permanent) Brad ‘decorates everything with plants, and thinks a walk outside and a hot chocolate can fix anything!’ With or without cream though Brad?

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Darcy Shah-Ashworth a graduate from Arts University Bournemouth. ‘Great design is assuming nothing and learning everything.’ I can definitely agree to that and Darcy’s #FeminismIS project.

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Molly and Nade, (Nadezhda Kirov and Molly F Brewer) graduates from the University for the Creative Arts. They met at uni, as drinking buddies got stuck together (not literally). Nade does the pictures, Molly writes the words (officially anyway). They get a buzz from brainstorms, 3am 6 coffees later ideas, shower lightbulb moments and mid-conversation brain waves. D&Ad New Blood 2020 Pencil Winners too!

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Joe Garrett, a graphic designer and a recent 2020 graduate of the University of Lincoln, based in the south-east. Joe loves working on self-initiated projects alongside client projects. Particularly liked his ‘Away with the fairies’ but then I’m a nut for typography and print. Smell that ink!

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut for Finn Black, graduate from The @ManMetUni. Based in Manchester, Finn’s a graphic design with wisdom and experience from multiple agencies. So he knows when to speak up and when to shut his gob, at least he likes to think so.

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut for Oliver Snell graduated from Arts University Bournemouth — a ‘conceptual, idea generator, creative thinker,

experimental art direction for design carefully crafted narratives.’ You heard it here first. Here’s Oliver’s work:

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut is for but not limited to 2020 graduates. James Churchill Graphic Designer specialising in motion design. James graduated from Arts University Bournemouth and is eager to get back in to work since being made redundant.

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut for Flossie Friend, graduated from Nottingham Trent University. A graphic designer, illustrator & lover of all things pattern & print. Flossie is eager to get out into the design world and start building her career. Highly motivated and full of ideas.

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut for Leila and Jonas a creative team on the search for their perfect job in Adland. ‘enthusiastic, ‘avant-garde’ and always up for a challenge.’ Previously freelance at The MARS Agency and on placement at Wunderman Thompson soon.

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut to Charlotte Key a graphic design graduate from Nottingham Trent University. Interested in user experience, design and interactive design. Focusing on building systems for people. Oh! … and Charlotte collects rubber ducks!

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut to Andreas Solomou a graduate from Birmingham City University. Andreas is a ‘well rounded and confident graphic designer, with a unique approach to design.’ Interested in creative advertising and branding, mainly focusing on ideas and art direction.

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut to Spencer Linton a designer interested in branding, typography, illustration, strategy, and motion design. Spencer believes in three things: 1 Design for people, not for brands. 2. Embrace challenge, curiosity, and joy. 3. Sweat the strategy, sweat the details. Couldn’t agree more Female Spencer.

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut to Chloe Hunter a graphic design graduate from Nottingham Trent University who loves branding as well as packaging and editorial design. Enjoys breathing life in to her scribbles, transforming them into creative unicorns. For Chloe it’s all about creating meaningful and purposeful designs, problem solving and innovation.

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut to Julia Lewis, a young creative graduate from Edinburgh Napier University. A thirst for briefs and a good cuppa. A curious mind, with a suitcase full of skills including juggling fruit. A tonne of experience and a thirst for more…

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut to Harry Wakefield a recent graduate from Manchester Metropolitan University (Myanmar). Harry work is ‘bold design, informed through fearless experimentation.’ Interested in typography, branding, exhibition and editorial design with a strong interest in architecture:

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut for Maddie Powell who has graduated from Loughborough University Graphic Communication & Illustration BA (with a FIRST!). Maddie loves animation, advertising, branding and illustration projects and has a years experience working in the industry already!

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut for Yasmin Spencer a graduate from Falmouth University and founder, captain and coach of Fusion Cheerleading. When she’s not performing a basket toss or orchestrating a 2:2:1 pyramid, Yasmin is relentless about tackling social and sustainable issues. Combined with her love of creative strategy & behavioural science, Yasmin is driven to understand and harness how behaviours can be changed for the better!

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut to Alexander Cox, graduate from Falmouth University. A creative from Zurich who wants to use his skills as a creative and communicator to help guide society towards a more sustainable mindset.

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut for Paula Uzicanin a Croatian born creative, graduated from @Edinburgh Napier University. Advertising and concept creation are Paula’s biggest passion.

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut to Nikita Parmar, graduated from Nottingham Trent University. A London-based Designer, illustrator and maker who is eager to learn, who embraces challenges and knows that they would be a positive addition to any studio.

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut to Nour Abosaif who graduated from Loughborough University. A digital designer with a passion for creating digital products and social campaigns, tailored for human connection and fulfilling community needs.

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut for Hayley McKean a Scottish graphic design graduate from Nottingham Trent University. Hayley has a keen interest in Illustration, Branding, Editorial and much, much more! Always looking to learn and experiment and push herself.

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut for Steph and Georgina Creatives First Class(!) Creative Advertising graduates from University of Lincoln. Two creatives available for book crits, placements and the occasional pub quiz. They come fully equipped with a bucket full of ideas and a pencil case full of HB’s and one D&AD Wood pencil. Did I mention they’re D&AD New Blood Pencil Winners 2020? They won a D&AD New Blood Pencil 2020. And they both got FIRST CLASS with Honours.

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut LIZZIE EASTWOOD finds those real human insights is her thing. When she isn’t scribbling down ideas, she’s playing with her small part of a reef (yes a fish tank) whilst innovating better ‘greener’ ways to create single use commodities. I particularly loved her D&AD One to Watch 2020 Big Yellow Storage project (the step kids poster… yes!). See more here:

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Daniela Sobral, daughter of a ceramics painter, Daniela has always had a great passion for the Visual Arts. A Motion and Graphic Designer from Portimão (Algarve). Graduating from Southampton’s @solentuni Daniela is also a 2020 D&AD New Blood Award Pencil winner for her NikeLondon Brief:

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Adam Breckons a graphic designer graduate from Edinburgh Napier University. Adam relishes researching, conceptualising, designing and testing his ideas. His work varies between branding, advertising and art direction. Check out his work at

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut for another talent from Ravensbourne University London, Aaliyah Grant (She/Her) — ‘a colourful creative producer who keeps things black and white.’ With a background in HR & Payroll Liy (pronounced Lee) is fluent in two languages: words and numbers — super important for any Creative Producer. helps being a D&AD New Blood Winner 2020 too.

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut celebrates Emma Coleman a talented creative, with a little spark of madness on a mission to evolve her craft. A graduate of Advertising & Branding from Ravensbourne University London. I love projects that provoke reaction, so it’s no surprised I particularly enjoed Emma’s Buttvertising project.

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut to the Lewis Capaldi of Advertising (before he was famous), recent Edinburgh Napier University graduate Charlotte Alford. Your ‘standard Irn Bru drinking, tartan loving, borderline ginger, Glasgow girl from Dorset. Masters in Creative Advertising. Winner of a @D&AD Yellow Pencil and Nods Award.’. Congratulations Charlotte:

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut to Lucy Donagh (Donagh — like the kebab). Lucy’s looking to find her way into AdLand. Have a browse through her D&AD award-winning work and tell her if you think she’s heading in the right direction. It’s a YES from us Lucy.

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut for Yashashree Samant currently interning at TAXI in NY, graduating from Miami Ad School December 2020, a copywriter with a complicated name trying to uncomplicate brand stories.

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut brings you Emma Coleman a multi-talented creative, with a little spark of madness on a mission to evolve my craft. A graduate of Advertising & Branding from @Ravensbourne University.

#ShoutOutToHelpOut… introducing Eve Wallis, a Graphic Designer from South East London who loves branding, advertising, copy and strategy. More importantly a massive foodie, avid surfer and Aperol Spritz lover! I met Eve earlier this year during some Lockdown Portfolio Reviews with graduates from Nottingham Trent University. Particularly love her Endo Tales and Durex projects:

#ShoutOutToHelpOut… introducing Aurora Moruzzi-Lee, a Graphic Designer with a love of illustration who recently graduated with a FIRST CLASS HONOURS(!) in Graphic Design from Arts University Bournemouth. Aurora’s work is here:

#ShoutOutToHelpOut for Wojciech & Chris (Christian Åsberg & Wojciech Glomski) a Polish/Danish creative team in London. Here to steal your jobs. Wojciech graduated from an MA in Creative Advertising from @Falmouth University and Chris a graduate from the infamous @School of Communication arts 2.0. Revel in their work online then hire them?

#ShoutOutToHelpOut… introducing Prislla Pattuzzo, ‘an art director and red-head-head-banging-manic’. Graduated from MSc Creative Advertising at @Edinburgh Napier University. Selected as a “One to Watch” D&AD winner 2020. A passionate creative who believes in the power of crafting and idea to a memorable message. I particularly liked her Cancer Research project:

#ShoutOutToHelpOut… introducing Shalom Siqueira, who graduated from @UCL last year with a FIRST CLASS HONOURS in Fashion Design and Development. Shalom focuses on cultural hybridity, fusing traditional with contemporary styles and crafts to create a strong brand identity within her work.

#ShoutOutToHelpOut is Adelle Adrian. Adelle is a Malaysian graphic designer who loves getting involved in everything. When she’s not working, Adelle’s reading fantasy novels, watching old Disney movies or pretending she’s on Broadway. Go email her and save her from herself! I’m a huge fan of Malaysia; the people, the food, the place… I love how this seems to infuse Adelle’s work. Enjoy it yourself here:

#ShoutOutToHelpOut is Jack Brodie of the infamous Jack and Andrea duo. Wait! You’ve not heard of the award winning, Celtic creative double act? Andreas is crazy; his mad ideas prove that there’s a power in thinking like a child. You can slap Jack down but he’ll always get back up. Like a bad boxing film, his ideas are fighting for the greater good. They won two D&AD pencils, here’s one of them:

#ShoutOutToHelpOut is Sini Magon, who graduated from Middlesex University. A London-based designer focusing on the intersection between graphic design, motion graphics and digital media:

#ShoutOutToHelpOut… introducing Jordan Matthews, a recent graduate of Graphic Design from Ravensbourne University London with a FIRST CLASS HONOURS! Jordan loves creating exciting, engaging and interactive designs. As well as tackling emotive topics, such as Catfishing:

#ShoutOutToHelpOut… introducing Kavanagh Reeves, a graduate of Graphic Design (with a FIRST CLASS sons!) from Kavanagh Reevesty of University of Lincoln. But, who is Kavanagh? He’s a graphic designer with an addiction to collecting trainers and all things orange. An energetic, passionate and creative individual with a passion for typography and branding. As his (orange) website beautifully illustrates here:

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut. Share this feed for the many talented graduates looking for their next chapter during this difficult time. Allow me to introduce Georgina & Rachel, two helpless souls united by ads and butterflies. A tale as old as time, not hiring them would be a crime…

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut and help me to help as many talented graduates find the start to their next chapter during this difficult time. Youmna Hazzaa is here! A ‘hybrid creative from Egypt, finishing up her MSc Creative Advertising at Edinburgh Napier University’. Youmna has won 2 @D&AD New Blood Pencils, a Creative Conscious award, and Cream Collective 2020. Here’s her and her partner, Esther van Vliet’s, book:

#ShoutOutToHelpOut… here’s Cloe Knights, a recent graduate of Graphic Design from Ravensbourne University London who loves branding, packaging, sketching and DJ’ing.

#ShoutOutToHelpOut… here’s Piers Thorley a Graphic design graduate from Nottingham Trent University. Piers has a keen interest in package design and illustration but love to experiment and add lots of aspects of design into my work like motion, illustration and typography. Plenty here to feast your eyes on:

#ShoutOutToHelpOut… here’s Abigail Humphreys a graduate of Graphic Design from Nottingham Trent University with a big passion for branding and packaging. Her ‘SOWAT’ drinks brand is short-listed for a CHRYSALIS AWARD:

#ShoutOutToHelpOut… here’s Elaina Soteriou who has just graduated from @Nottingham Trent University and specialises in branding, packaging and illustration. Her ‘Mooney’s Cookies’ project was selected to be a part of #TheNationWideDegreeShow.

#ShoutOutToHelpOut… here’s Georgia Blumenthal a fresh Graphic Design graduate from @Nottingham Trent University. From Campaigns and Branding to Packaging, Georgia says she’s ‘a logical and contextual thinker who enjoys a challenge, taking her inspiration form the current environment.’

#ShoutOutToHelpOut is Brazil-born, Lisbon-raised and (now) London-based Lídia Santos, who ‘looks at usual things with unusual eyes’. Having graduated from the excellent @Ravensbourne University London Lídia is young, fresh talent looking exploring different fields of creativity. Her work says it all:

#ShoutOutToHelpOutDaniel Swainson ‘has keen interest in brand identity design, excited by inspiring and meaningful project ideas.’ I really like his work, especially ‘More than a label’, ‘a campaign for mens mental health. More often than not, those who suffer are labelled as anxious, depressed, schizophrenic, bipolar and much more, these labels do little to help those in need. Men make up three-quarters of all suicides committed each year, it’s time to change this, and acknowledge that mental health, is more than a label.’

#ShoutOutToHelpOutWill Rayner MISTD just graduated from Nottingham Trent University, specialising in editorial design, branding, packaging and increasingly, UX. Recognised as ‘One to Watch’ by D&AD New Blood and membership to the ISTD for his editorial design project, Void.

You can see Will’s work here:!AhrrSSwXeFx1qXpp5lpOO4eLxzNn

Or get intouch on Instagram:

#ShoutOutToHelpOutLoren Puopolo. Amongst other great projects featured on her site, Loren has created a campaign advocating for equal rights for women in the creative industry (HERE! HERE!).Definitely one for Laura Jordan Bambach, Emma Sexton, SheSays London to watch:


#ShoutOutToHelpOut… Eleanor Spickett a recent Graphic Design graduate from University of Central Lancashire, with a passion for working on complex subjects, unravelling them so they’re easily understood. Winner of a @dandad pencil at this year’s D&AD New Blood Awards.

#ShoutOutToHelpOut Rory Griffiths with a project called ‘My First Protest’. To highlight the importance of protesting. He created a colouring book filled with customisable posters, alongside information about the specific demonstrations to educate the next generation of budding protesters:

#ShoutOutToHelpOut Aira Suarez with a love for experience design and branding that creates opportunities to imagine, to connect and to communicate:

#ShoutOutToHelpOut Hannah Leabon who says she would really like to get a career in publishing, particularly children’s books! I’m particularly proud of my project Muddle, an activity book to aid emotional intelligence in young children, and begin their journey on understanding emotions and mental health.’

#ShoutOutToHelpOut… Jamie Tucker who just graduated @Birmingham City University with a FIRST! A passion for user experience and exciting colourful design. Jamies ‘HMV Sync’ project recently won a YCN commendation:

#ShoutOutToHelpOut… Nick Collingwood a graduate from @Birmingham City University with a strong passion for advertising, design & art direction:

Aware that the graduates who were contacting me weren’t doing the usual job hunt, they’re worried, lost and wondering what the fuck to do. I decided to use a pun on #EatOuttoHelpOut and start #ShoutOuttoHelpOut — the least I could try to do for the graduates of 2020.

So to try to help I offered anyone who contacted me on Linkedin with a link to their website I would share their work to my social feeds and add their work to the comments section of the original post:

Fun fact: 71% of graduates who contacted me were women. The majority of those who then followed-up, all women.

Design and brand consultant. Insight. Ideas. Creative director. Father. Brother. F1 fan. Dry Martini, stirred, with a twist. Owner of Plan-B Studio.

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