Feature Image: Away With The Fairies, by Joe Garrett. Inspired by Georges Perec’s ‘An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris’.

Shout Out to Help Out, vol.2

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut is an effort to help graduates and anyone whose been made redundant get their work seen by as many people as possible. This is volume 2 of all those featured so far.

Having finished their degree, remotely, probably at their parents house, in a room that was once theres, no parties, no graduation balls, no degree shows. They’ve graduated in to whatever fucking mess this is. Can you imagine? No, me either, so I am trying to help, #ShoutOuttoHelpOut is here to feature graduates of 2020.

These are the graduates from New Zealand, Holland, New York, Canada, LA, Belgium and the UK — who contacted me through #ShoutOuttoHelpOut. I am posting their work on Linkedin (here, here and here), Twitter and Facebook. Helping get their work seen by as many people in the industry as possible. (more information at the bottom of this article)

Graduates — send me your link, I’ll do the rest. You can email me or add me to Linkedin and send there.

In Chronological order (most recent > first)…

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Charlie Shreeve a Graphic Designer graduate from Arts University Bournemouth. Interested in all things design but specialise in brand design and theory. Featured in the D&AD New Blood Festival as “One To Watch” for 2020. So watch and enjoy here:

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut to a graduate with the longest name we’ve ever seen, Victoria Ifeoluwanitemi Oluwadamilola Omotayo Onaiyekan. Art Director, Graphic Designer, Jewellery Maker. Winner of D&AD ‘One to watch’ award and 2019 D&AD New Blood Academy alumni. Graduated from Falmouth University with a BA in Graphic Design, an MA in Creative Advertising. Nigerian descent and grew up in London Victoria is inspired by diversity.

We believe that everything outside of your job is what makes you interesting. So take a peak at Victoria’s work on her site, but also her Side projects:

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Priscilla Cailleau a BA graduate of Stenden and a Masters graduate from University of the Creative Arts in Design, Innovation and Brand Management. Priscilla is born (and raised) in France, studied in the UK and is based in the Netherlands. Analytical, adaptable, empathetic and articulate (fluent in French, English and Dutch!). Priscilla wants to make the world into a better, less confusing place. Working with forward-thinking brands that challenge, elevate, transform and make a positive impact on the world. Awomen to that Priscilla! Love the Throw and Grow project:


#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Axel Metz English literature graduate from Warwick University. Culture, sport and travel writer. Editor at The Urban Journal, former editor at The Boar newspaper and freelance contributor to Esquire, Medium, Media Magazine, among others. Available for writing words in exchange for money

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Florentino Monteiro — a Graphic Designer graduate and MA in Creative Advertising from Falmouth University. Currently in the big smoke looking for creative opportunities. level 12 vegetarian with a weakness for cheese. So put that in your vegan pipe and smoke it:

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Balāzs Hirth graduate in graphic designer from Edinburgh College. His aim is to create authentic design, create a visual identity that tells a story:

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Kayle and Nabeel a young team, bursting with ideas, who always go the extra mile, for one reason: They get paid. No! They love what they do (be paid helps). Kayle is a former senior creative in the animation industry with over seven years of experience. Nabeel spent 2019 creating cool stuff and stealing as much stationery as he could at BBDO offices in Dublin, Johannesburg, Lahore, Sydney and Auckland:

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut (creative duo) Luke Gray and Viktória Oláh graduates from Buckinghamshire New University. Kuke’s obsessed with Polaroids and drawing dogs. Viki loves creating videos about her life. I particularly liked their Walkers Air project (the stunt is a great idea):

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Nicole McGlashan a graphic design graduate of Nottingham Trent University. A bold and playful use of type/imagery in branding and campaigns. An keen interest in motion/illustration and enjoys creating for a good cause. Evident with Nicole’s self-initiated project during Lockdown, Rave Room:

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Thomas Cornwell a graduate from Arts University Bournemouth, Thomas enjoys engaging with projects that help people and work towards a positive change. He’s had work placements with Bond and Coyne and Tworivers Partnership and is thirty for the next chapter:

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut (Art Director) Munraj Singh Chawla & (Copywriter) Rachael Simões but they are way more than just titles. From teaching English in Japan, running artist collective Failsafe, having a screenplay produced at the National Film and Television School and a passion for portrait photography. They’re also both graduates of my favourite school, School Communication Arts 2.0. Their ‘Wall Flower project for Timeout appeals to me!

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Anna Chau a BA graduate from Carleton University and Masters graduate from School of Visual Arts. Anna grew up in Canada and was that annoying kid in the back of the car, who always asked their parent’s many whys during the ride back home. She later relocated to New York, where she discovered Branding, ‘it was no longer just about designing one medium but applying a systematic approach to constructing multiple touch-points to deliver a cohesive robust brand experience.’ I really enjoyed her WNDR (thesis) project:

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Amy P a graduate from Loughborough University. To pass the time in lockdown Amy started designing prints (https://www.instagram.com/pembo.prints/). Has already had valuable experience with Bareface Media and WWA Chosen. Amy also achieved a Distinction in her Extended Diploma in Graphic Design and a 1st in her thesis on the film industry; roles, points of entry and how ideas get put into real life campaigns.

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Sofia Nissilä a Helsinki born graduate from Willem de Kooning Academy (Rotterdam). Her business card reads graphic designer and I’m passionate about creating unique visual languages for conscious businesses and cultural organisations. Her first encounter with graphic design was the album cover art and logo of British heavy metal band Iron Maiden. Anyone who designs album covers for punk bands is A-OK in my book. Love the EP cover for Dutch dance-punk band Reino

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Tommy Curran Jones graduate of Durham University in Philosophy and Politics, and more recently a graduate of ur favourite school, School Communication Arts 2.0. Tommy was born, went to school, then University, is a professional fencer (sabre kind not the used for protection or to create a boundary type). Advertising Student, and the rest is TBC. Tommy will happily be paid to write words, have ideas or I saw a guy cutting a tree down recently and that looked fun so that too. Congratulations on having a website with real personality Tommy, loved it:

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Lili Cox a graduate from Manchester School of Art. A conceptual thinker who takes an experimental and psychological approach to creative problem solving, using a blend of digital and physical mediums. Enjoy her work here:


#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Kates and Lyds, a passionate baker and a skilled barista creative duo (Katie Mills and Lydia Perez). They’ve no plans to open their own café, instead they decided to bake and brew ads. They’ve plenty of experience working at Arc Publicis London, Portas London, Weber Shandwick London, Revolt London and The & Partnership London. I have a young daughter who loves Barbie and will no doubt sooner than we imagine need us to talk with her about periods. Loved their ‘Barbie Ruby, the first Barbie that bleeds.’:

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut CHARLOTTE MATHESON-BARR graduated from Nottingham Trent University. An illustrator and graphic designer. ‘Inspired by the world around her and the infinite possibilities that creativity unleashes.’ I have to say I was sold immediately with her Monsters:

(I might have to commission Charlotte to do an illustration of our dog Bob!)

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut OT PASCOE. Designer based in Edinburgh working across graphic design, illustration, screen printing and photography. Ot specialises in editorial design, typography and print, with unicorn skills in digital design and artworking. @Graham Wood I think you’ll love Ot’s work.

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Alice Stone graduated from Nottingham Trent University. Alice loves ‘advertising and branding. I don’t call myself an illustrator, but I illustrate in almost everything I do!I love group projects and anything that involves problem solving.’ Love her ‘Train Like an Olympian’ project for Durex:

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Brad Perry graduated from Nottingham Trent University in Film and Media. When not working as a standby art director (looking for something more permanent) Brad ‘decorates everything with plants, and thinks a walk outside and a hot chocolate can fix anything!’ With or without cream though Brad?

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Darcy Shah-Ashworth a graduate from Arts University Bournemouth. ‘Great design is assuming nothing and learning everything.’ I can definitely agree to that and Darcy’s #FeminismIS project.

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Molly and Nade, (Nadezhda Kirov and Molly F Brewer) graduates from the University for the Creative Arts. They met at uni, as drinking buddies got stuck together (not literally). Nade does the pictures, Molly writes the words (officially anyway). They get a buzz from brainstorms, 3am 6 coffees later ideas, shower lightbulb moments and mid-conversation brain waves. D&Ad New Blood 2020 Pencil Winners too!

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Joe Garrett, a graphic designer and a recent 2020 graduate of the University of Lincoln, based in the south-east. Joe loves working on self-initiated projects alongside client projects. Particularly liked his ‘Away with the fairies’ but then I’m a nut for typography and print. Smell that ink!

Inspired by Georges Perec’s ‘An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris’– Away with the Fairies is a typographical documentation of background noise distractions.

Aware that the graduates who were contacting me weren’t doing the usual job hunt, they’re worried, lost and wondering what the fuck to do. I decided to use a pun on #EatOuttoHelpOut and start #ShoutOuttoHelpOut — the least I could try to do for the graduates of 2020.

So to try to help I offered anyone who contacted me on Linkedin with a link to their website I would share their work to my social feeds and add their work to the comments section of the original post:

Design and brand consultant. Insight. Ideas. Creative director. Father. Brother. F1 fan. Dry Martini, stirred, with a twist. Owner of Plan-B Studio.

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