Søstre project by Anna Roberts

Shout Out to Help Out, vol.3

Aiming to help get more eyes on graduates portfolios using the hashtag #ShouttoHelpOut. The more you share, the greater the hope you give to graduates, many of whom are really struggling. This is volume 3 of all those featured this week.

Do you remember that time we finished our degree, at home at our parents house, no parties, no graduation balls, no degree shows? No, me either, so I am trying to help, #ShoutOuttoHelpOut is here to feature graduates of 2020.

These are the graduates from New Zealand, Holland, New York, Canada, LA, Belgium and the UK — who contacted me through #ShoutOuttoHelpOut. I am posting their work on Linkedin (here, here and here), Twitter and Facebook. Helping get their work seen by as many people in the industry as possible. (more information at the bottom of this article)

Graduates — send me your link, I’ll do the rest. You can email me or add me to Linkedin and send there.

In Chronological order (most recent > first)…

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut James Haggarty from Detroit (MI) and a graduate from Wayne State University film program (BA). A filmmaker and writer, James has a passion for film and photography and loves what it means to the people who create and watch. Located in the USA but dreams of working in Europe.

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Isabel Pearce a Graphic Design graduate from @uniofglos. So many great packaging and design projects: check-out her Nourish project; solid shampoo with a re-useable container has so much potential:

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Rebecca Burrows a University of Leeds graduate, with a love of branding and typography. Rebecca has already interned at 4 different agencies in London, giving her a range of experience, including work in branding, packaging, app design and campaign design. Rebecca is a ‘can do’ person, the kind that gets a First Class degree in Graphic and Communication Design. (A FIRST! Welcome to the FIRST CLUB Rebecca!). Loved Rebecca’s HERE project; encouraging people to re-communicate, increasing feelings of community and tackle less meaningful connections (phones!), loneliness and anxiety:

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut ‘Graduating from my Mum’s sofa was definitely underwhelming but onwards and upwards of course.’ James Sheard wrote to me after graduating from Leeds Arts University. James has a super talent for print and typography and much more beyond! Loved James’ ‘It’s Grim Up North’ creative report and his typeface CASTLE — https://sheardjames.xyz/Selected-Works
@Hamish Makgill you’ll appreciate this:

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Lydia Rylance Murdoch a Creative Advertising graduate (MSc) from Edinburgh Napier University, English Lit. graduate (MA) from the The University of Edinburgh. Lydia is not afraid to make a complete idiot of herself on a regular basis. Skills.

- Selected as “One to Watch” in the D&AD New Blood Festival 2020.
- Shortlisted for The Nods Student Award 2020.
- Shortlisted by Led By Donkey’s in their 2019 billboard competition.

A music journalist and editor 2013–2018 and an aggressive lover of glitter. I love Lydia’s ‘Watch and Wait’ a project for project for Blood Cancer UK. ‘Error 404’ a campaign to raise awareness for dementia and start a Dementia Action Week. Fantastic work!

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut George Cartwright is the copywriter. Lucas Robin est le directeur artistique two grads from Buckinghamshire New University. Worked at Kindred Agency Limited, Forever Beta, BBH London, Ogilvy. Looking for their next adventure. George & Lucas have three objectives for their work:

1. Have a simple message
2. Be memorable
3. Stand out in its category

Check out their project for the Army and Greggs:

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Katie Smith a graduate from Coventry University, Katie Studied photography but managed to never pick up a camera for more than 30 minutes! Instead, she could be found developing concepts that considered photography as part of the communication. Katie definitely has an eye for design and photography!

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Robert McCrorie a graduate from University of Leeds. After completing his 4-year course at the University of Leeds, (with a year in industry) Rob is bursting to get going. Rob loves UI/UX, Branding, Animation, photography and illustration and has already spent 18months working at Bolster. His project ‘Odyssey’ is a self-initiated project, exploring how an outdoor app could work in-conjunction with mountain rescue to reduce emergency callouts. Creating an app that educates explorers on the dangers they may face on their planned route, provided through simple navigation UI and real tags and badges to connect the community in real life. More here

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Emily McDowall a graduate from University of Leeds with a BA in English Literature and now a Masters in Advertising and Design! This isn’t what Emily expected her first post grad year to be like. But like a legend, Emily has learned quickly to pick herself up and carry-on regardless, ‘if anything it’s made me more resilient and determined.’ That’s the spirit Emily! Be more Emily people! Love her Literacy Saves Lives

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Stefano Chiesa with a background in management and marketing in the hospitality sector Stefano decided last year to change career and follow his passion for design. That takes guts and we salute you Stefano. There’s never a better time to change careers, worry not! Stefano wants to create new and innovative experiences using technology and design to make people’s lives easier. Make his life easier, check out his work and profile and start a conversation.

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut to Claudia Rinaldi, a multi-talented human being. Claudia has studied in 3 European cities, lived in 4 countries and speaks 5 languages (English, Italian, Spanish, French and German). Claudia has 2+ years of experience in Marketing and a Master’s in Economics and Management. On top of 4+ years of experience working for sustainable brands in the retail industry. All before recently graduating from Edinburgh Napier University with a MSc in Creative Advertising to apply my creativity to good causes.

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut is not limited just to Graduates it is for everyone who finds themselves looking for the next chapter during this shitty mess. Christian Vernaschi, a super talented Creative Lead / Art Director has recently been made redundant and his work alone deserves a SHOUT OUT. Originally from Italy, he developed an early passion for photography. A keen eye for design saw him graduate with a Masters in Visual Design and Communication.

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Jack Hale, graduate from Birming City University. Specialises in rendering in Cinema 4D and Redshift. Jack’s main focus is 3D Motion graphics and digital sculpture for styleframes. https://halejack.com/. Here’s Jack’s showreel:

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Nina Pitrakou, a graphic designer and graduate from Manchester Metropolitan University. Nina loves advertising and design and working across many disciplines. Above all she’s looking for opportunities to explore, learn and further her craft. Loved her Loonigans brand refresh animations.

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Sophie and Rachel. They’re from ‘just outside London’ and Northern Ireland. Graduates from Falmouth University’s Creative Advertising MA. The worst idea they ever had was a social media influencer for cough syrup — ‘Dr Ben E. Lyn’. The best? Pairing up, no one else could take the sarcasm. I can take sarcasm. I’m not scared (Ok, a bit). Bring. It. On.

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Jayme Rossie a graphic designer based in Los Angeles graduated from Otis College of Art and Design. Jayme specialises in branding, illustration, motion graphics and pattern design. Loves collaboration, adores typography and always incorporates her own unique touch to her work.

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Anna Roberts a freelance photographer and professional retoucher who enjoys telling stories through her photographs and was naturally attracted to the communication aspect of graphic design. Anna graduated from Shillington College this year. A typography, Hebrew design loving loose leaf tea and hummus addict (not together in the same cup?). I loved her Søstre project, more here:

Graduates contacting me weren’t doing the usual job hunt enquiry, they’re struggling wondering what the fuck to do. Using a pun on #EatOuttoHelpOut I started #ShoutOuttoHelpOut — the least I could try to do for the graduates of 2020.

So to try to help I offered anyone who contacted me on Linkedin with a link to their website I would share their work to my social feeds and add their work to the comments section of the original post:

Design and brand consultant. Insight. Ideas. Creative director. Father. Brother. F1 fan. Dry Martini, stirred, with a twist. Owner of Plan-B Studio.

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