‘Just hear it instead’ by Sandy Matta (D&AD award winner)

Shout Out to Help Out, vol.4

This hashtag #ShoutOuttoHelpOut aims to get as many graduates works seen by as many people as possible. The more we share, the greater the chance we give graduates of getting a job.

Welcome to volume 4

Do you remember that time we finished our degree, at home at our parents house, no parties, no graduation balls, no degree shows? No, me either, so I am trying to help, #ShoutOuttoHelpOut is here to feature graduates of 2020.

Graduates and people looking for their next challenge as a result of COVID-19 from New Zealand, Holland, New York, Canada, LA, Belgium and the UK — have contacted me through #ShoutOuttoHelpOut. I am posting everyones work who contacts me on Linkedin (here, here and here), Twitter and Facebook. Helping get their work seen by as many people in the industry as possible. (more information at the bottom of this article)

Graduates — send me your link, I’ll do the rest. You can email me or add me to Linkedin and send there.

In Chronological order…

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Karolína Kališová a passionate design er who loves branding, design, bold colours, playful designs and everything zero waste. a recent Graduate of Graphic Design from Middlesex University London. Love Karolina’s Vital project; zero waste cosmetic brand aimed on changing the behaviour of young female customers to make the cosmetic industry more sustainable and less wasteful.

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Symran Rapal, a graduate from the University of the Arts London with a First Class Honours in Graphic Designer. Her passion for design includes graphic and web design, type design, photography, brand identity design, packaging and editorial/layout.

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Natasha Adlam a FIRST CLASS graduate from University of Southhampton in Fine Arts and business (Welcome to the First Class Club Natasha!). Natasha hasn’t waited, from running Indian textile techniques workshops, to her own Henna Tattoo Artist business to now launching her own copywriting and proofreading business. Natasha’s a ‘chameleon of tone. A chameletone, if you will.’ Her work literally speaks for itself:

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut May Kojanavaranon a recent graduate in Graphic Design from Arts University Bournemouth. May is a 3D designer specialising in creating visual experiences through motion design. Captivating and intriguing her audience. Looking for opportunities to bring design ideas to life with nothing but great technical ability and execution.

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Shalom Siqueira a graduate in Fashion Design and Development from University of the Arts London. A motivated individual, experienced and capable of taking initiatives and communicating with great professionalism. Shalom has a thorough knowledge of both men and womenswear fashion and demonstrates a strong history of working within the apparel and fashion industry. She is keen to find a position as a design assistant to further enhance and develop her skillsets.

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Sandy Matta. Aged 18 Sandy moved from Dubai to the UK with. one pencil in her pocket and a bright eyed enthusiasm to start a career as a creative. Aged 21 Sandy graduates with a FIRST CLASS in Graphic Design from University for the Creative Arts (welcome to the FIRST CLASS club Sandy!). Aged 23 Sandy graduates with an MA in Global Advertising and Branding (predicted Distinction) from University of Southampton and wins a D&AD award for her Audible project, which is a brilliant, worthy award-winning project:

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Clara Fullerton a FIRST CLASS(!) graduate from York St. John University in Graphic Design (A FIRST: welcome to the FIRST CLASS club Clara!). Clara specialises in branding, advertising and editorial — but is always up for a challenge. With experience working at City of York Council and United by Design. Clara thinks creatively (which is handy), works hard and will ‘bringing your design dream into reality.’ What more could you ask for?

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Muktar Ali a Motion Design Graduate from Ravensbourne University. Muktar has worked with clients such as Valentino and MoPlay and have previous experience with London Based Motion Studio, Potion Pictures. His work speaks for itself:

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Samantha Harvey a FIRST CLASS(!) graduate in Graphic and Communication Design from University of Leeds. (A FIRST: welcome to the FIRST CLASS club Samantha!) Samantha has not hung around, gradually cultivated and building her own freelance design business: Harvtone, since 2016. Specialising in motion graphics and digital illustration. With experience working in both agency and within an in-house communications team she has delivered on various student marketing and sales campaigns. Loved her ‘Ology’ idents:

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Art director supreme Georgina Scollen, a creative with a track record of strong strategic thinking and pitch winning work. Georgina believes in the simple art of listening, staying tight to a brief, yet at the same time challenging and adding value through the creative process. Georgina’s route to art direction goddess has been unorthodox; from studying film, to working in television broadcasting for nearly 6 years before moving to agency life. Where Georgina decided her calling was to be an art director, since 2013 she’s never looked back. From Body Shop, AB World Foods, Johnson & Johnson, Nivea and HP her portfolio is incredible. Open to freelance as well as illustration commissions (love her Uncle Junior from ‘The Sopranos’):


Design and brand consultant. Insight. Ideas. Creative director. Father. Brother. F1 fan. Dry Martini, stirred, with a twist. Owner of Plan-B Studio.

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