Feature image: by Niamh Tulley from her Heart Peckham project

Shout Out to Help Out, vol.5

Steve Price
6 min readOct 10, 2020


Trust me, I loath hashtags as much as I dislike campaigns that rely on them. With few exceptions, such as #ShoutOuttoHelpOut to help as many graduates get their works seen by as many people as possible.

Welcome to volume 5

Let’s be honest, many graduates of 2020 are sat, back at their parents house. Food and shelter and washing paid for. So perhaps they’re not high on the growing list of what you should give a shit about. Put yourself in their shoes and consider whether you’d appreciate any help. You would. You’re lying if you said you wouldn’t.

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut is here to feature graduates from any creative discipline. You send me a link to your work, I’ll do the rest. You can help by sharing any post or tweet with the hashtag #ShoutOuttoHelpOut.

I am posting everyones work who contacts me on Linkedin (here, here and here), Twitter and Facebook. Helping get their work seen by as many people in the industry as possible. (more information at the bottom of this article)

Graduates — you can email me or add me to Linkedin and send there.

In Chronological order…

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Amelia-Jayne Banks and Lewis Rensch. Amelia-Jayne when in trouble but Melia when not (and for short) is a MA grad from Falmouth University, born and raised in Stoke-On-Trent and an EFPN on MBTI (I’ve no idea what that means). When she’s not making ads she’s volunteering or poppin’ bottles in blacked out Russian Limousines & Finnish Rock Bars. Melia’s swam in the Artic and I’ve got a certificate to prove it.

Lewis is born in Buckinghamshire but lived most my life in Cheshire. A graduate from Edinburgh Napier University with a Masters in Creative Advertising. He once pulled a giant statue of the Queen in a parade along with 20 other giant Queen Elizabeth’s. The real Queen was neither in attendance or amused. For everything else, enjoy their website. Some highlights for me Harry Ramsden’s,

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut is not limited to graduates (we are ‘graduates of life’?). It’s to celebrate the incredible talent and to highlight that following your passion isn’t always a direct or linear journey. Louise Sykes, graduated from Goldsmiths in Anthropology but knew from a young age she wanted to work in magazines and once she graduated from Goldsmith’s College, began working for publications such as Vogue, You Magazine and Company, learning the Industry from the Fashion Editors and Stylists there. Before breaking out on her own Louise worked at the BBC for the fashion programme, The Clothes Show; researching trends, styling presenters and fashion stories. Turning freelance has allowed Louise to work with a variety of lifestyle, retail and commercial brands, fulfilling any of their styling needs. Louise is an internationally published Fashion Stylist based in the UK and someone we hope will join us as a guest on our new invention: the podcast.

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Jess Chalmers a graduate from Bath Spa University with a particular interest in branding and print. Jess did an exchange in Chicago at Columbia College Chicago whilst at Bath, she’s a Scout leader, loves hiking and watersports. Oh, and she has two very cute pet rats called Kimmy and Kathy (named after Kim Deal & Kathleen Hanna). Her work for Made in Bath is beautiful, but her Ramble project has got real legs (our intended)

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Lucy Geraghty, a recent graduated from Arts University Bournemouth in Visual Communication BA(Hons). Lucy’s on the next step of her journey of self discovery as a designer. A HUGE football fanatic, Lucy’s played since the age of 4! A massive Liverpool fan that never misses a match. Although Lucy wanted me to stress, her Behance site doesn’t mention that her ‘30,376 miles’ project won an ISTD☺️

REPOST #ShoutOuttoHelpOut Rebecca Burrows a University of Leeds graduate, appeared in our Vol.3 series. Rebecca has already interned at 4 different agencies in London, giving her a range of experience, including work in branding, packaging, app design and campaign design. Rebecca has been productive making her new font Sideways Display, and also A Letter A Day project:

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Isabelle Copley a former Architect graduate (The University of Manchester), with experience in marketing who saw sense and recently graduated from Shillington College of Graphic Design after completing a 3-month intensive bootcamp. An obsession for branding only slightly beating Isabelle love of ‘Cooking, Eating, Talking about food, Looking at pictures of food, Asking what you’re having for dinner or Asking what you had for dinner last night (Lasagne served with Broccoli tossed in Olive oil, salt and pepper). Love her ‘Digital Detots’ project (great name and idea)

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut JOCELYN YONG, a graduate from University of Northampton with a First Class Honour, elcome to the First Class Club Jocelyn. Always up for new challenges, bizarre ideas, Jocelyn is optimistic and loves to share positivity through her design. an An adventurer at heart and a high-key noodle addict. In her spare time, you’ll find her in the kitchen making noodles, blasting chill EDM or “Boy in Space” song. Love her Unknown project (great name):

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Asharn Porter a young, aspiring copywriter looking to branch out and start his career in copywriting. Not easy during the best of times, never mind a global pandemic. Check out more here:

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Katie Vicary a graduate of Shillington College. Originally from the West Country. Katie worked in translation (fluent in Spanish and Italian!), then in advertising, where I she struck upon her true calling: Katie realised what she wanted to be: a designer! Katies illustration & printmaking work has helped make her work more exciting and expressive. She revels in and enjoys branding and identity with a particular love for packaging design. Love her Daybreak festival — simple but bold use of colour. Clementine — an app to help women to reduce stress in their lives, sleep better and build confidence by giving them easy access to hypnotherapy sessions.

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Vincenzo Marchese Ragona a graduate from Ravensbourne. Vincenso loves design and is as comfortable working on Branding, Editorial as he is in Motion Design. He likes to invest his time in researching modern techniques like Generative Design using Artificial Intelligence or custom creative tools. I love his Consecotaleophobia project.

#ShoutOuttoHelpOut Niamh Tulley an Events and Comms director at a global hospitality group, last year Niamh took the huge decision to return to education, study graphic design and graduate from Shillington College. Thank goodness she did, Niamh not only has five years experience in events and comms and social media management, but a huge talent for design. As a former Pechamite? Peckhamer? I love her Heart Peckham project almost as much as her Huayanut project.



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